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Welcome to my site! I hope you will enjoy your visit here. For those who are new to my site, let me introduce a little about my site. I have been an avid collector since 1964 and since June '99 have set up this site to share some of my pictures and information that I've gathered over the years. This homepage is solely to introduce our vast insect life of our country. Thanks to my niece who redesigned this site,I am able to update and upload new materials and photos again after a laspe of so many years.  I also have an insect photostream on which includes videos of living insect. Please note that I no longer breed phasmid and praying mantis.

The picture gallery showcases hundreds of insects with short descriptions with my limited knowledge. Hope one day too,you will come visit our beautiful country and experience it yourself. 

This site is dedicated to the memory of the late Mr.Takuya Otani of Osaka,Japan who commited suicide on Oct.2002. We have been fellow collector since our youth from 1970s. He has been a friend and mentor.Mr.Otani is one of the pioneers collecting in Indonesia and have discovered many new species of butterflies and beetles now named after him. 

This site is also dedicated to the late J.N.Eliot of U.K.who passed away in 2003.He was an authority on Asian butterflies particularly of Malaysia and Singapore and have written many articles/revised books/named many new species relating to butterflies in this region.He revised the important book of Corbet and Pendlebury's "The Butterflies of The Malay Peninsula" which was out of print and out of date for many years. I have known him since my teen and he has guided me on many respects in this field. It is a great lost to the Rhopalocera world.Mr.Eliot have kindly named a new species of butterfly which I collected as:Jamides yehi (Eliot 1995) which I am indeed honored. This is the last new species of butterfly of Malay Peninsular he described and named before his untimely demise leaving much revision work of many orders of butterfly genus incomplete.

Dedication also goes to the late Mr.W.A.Fleming-the author of the one and only butterfly book -"Butterflies of West Malaysia and Singapore" whom I have the previlage of collecting with him and wife way back in my teen in Ulu Piah and Ulu Chepor. Mr. Fleming collected the then unknown female of Elymnias harterti in Ulu Chepor. I will always remember his bottle of beer on one hand and butterfly net on the other and a bottle of Coke for me.



Through Mr.Yasusuke Nishiyama,a good friend of mine and one of the authors of the series of books "Butterflies of the South East Asian Islands",a new sub-species of Pantooporia sandaka has been named after my English name-Michael as Pantoporia sandaka michaeli (Tsukada & Kaneko-1985). My grateful thanks.

Mr.Paul D.Brock of UK who is an authority on Phasmids (Phasmida) of Asia and Australia have named a new species of phasmid collected by me in 1999 as: Parastheneboea yehi (Brock 1999). Mr.Brock also described the then unknown male of Phyllium gigateum (Phyllidae) discovered and provided by me. My grateful thanks for naming a new species after me. I have also re-discovered the long lost or thought to be extinct Phobaeticus incertus in March 2011. First discover in 1902 in Kuala Kangsar in Malaya and the second known specimen collected was in 1928 and have never been seen again until it surfaced again in 2011.

Mr.Brock have also published many articles on Phasmids Study Group and have published books of the same nature of this group of insect and the most recent which will be launch in May 2011. Mr.Paul Brock also published the only book on Phasmids and Leaf Insects of Malaysia and Singapore which is obtainable from The Malaysian Nature Society via their online website. Title of this valuable and most informative book is "Stick And Laef Insects of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore"


Mr.Hideyuki. Chiba an associate and co-author of revision papers on Hesperiidae of the late J.N.Eliot was left with the important but unenviable and volumous task of continuing the revision of the family Hesperiidae which was started with Mr.Eliot way back.I have been given the task of helping to secure specimens of this family to assist Mr.Chiba to speed up the revision.  I wish Mr.Chiba success in this vital work.


Grateful appreciation is extended to Mr.Adam Cotton of Thailand whose vast knowledge of the rhopalocera of Asean particularly of the family of Papilionidae is enormous and invaluable  to me.

His information on species distribution,migratoty pattern and locality of sub-species are of great importance to researchers and for study purposes. Collecting insect as a hobby is a dying past time in South East Asia. His contribution as a dedicated and knowledgeable person whose study and research work is of great value to the scientific world in this field. We wish him success in all his work.

CONGRATULATION: To Paul Brock-Dr.Francis Seow-Choen and Frank H.Hennemann

For winning the coveted J.O.Westwood Medal awarded by the Royal Entomological Society for 2018





bugsmanyeh (Michael):  photos & videos on flickr-user name:bugsmanyeh and on Youtube-user name: cantori10



July 2019:

Climate change and deforestation have severely affected the seasonal appearance of butterflies and insects. The usual season which begin in April till August where butterflies appear in large numbers have decreased significantly and shortened. The severe hot weather follow by torrential rainfall and very strong wind and the lost of their habitat resulting in the reduction of available foodplants for butterflies due to large scale deforestation for plantation are the main cause of their extinction in the coming future.

August 2018:

I am delighted to have met Prof.Seiichi Uno and wife Maiko and their 2 children on thier entomological  observation expedition to Malaysia this August. It is indeed rare to find the whole family members interested in nature studies these days. The same with Ms.Yuki Arai together with her daughter Mayuko who visited me in March 2017.Both are well traveled phasmids observers,particulary her daughter who is doing research and study work on Phyllium species. I wish all of them well.


December 2017:

Finally after 54 years of waiting for me, the second female Elymnias harterti harterti after W.A.Fleming captured the first female has been discovered.

April 2017:

The newly discovered Elymnias malelas in Peninisular Malaya from the Indo-Chinese region which has establised itself here as both sexes has been captured regularly in forest. Mr.Uemura Yoshinobu of the Toyosato Museum of Entomology in Japan has confirmed that it is indeed Elymnias malelas sub-ssp ivena. This species could have arrived in Malaya via botanical decorative palm plants imported from Thailand into this country. As its foodplant are easily available throughout the country,it has no problem multiplying.



December 2016: 

In November 2016,for the very first time over more than 50 years of collecting in Peninsular Malaya,Elymnias malelas which occur in the Indo-Chinese regions of Laos,Thailand,Vietnam etc. has been captured in Malaya. 3 males and 2 females from one single locality in the Peninsular has been obtained. Another male captured in another nearby location. It is presumed that it has established itself strongly here as females are presence and thier condition are prestine and not in bad condition after a long migratory journey from Indo-China. Mr.Adam Cotton of Thailand concurred that it could not be a new sub-species. Will await Mr.Yutaka'comment who is knowledgable of butterflies in the Indo-Chinese region.

December 2016:

Mr.Ken Namba of Japan,a good friend of mine who has visitied Malaysia for numbers of years is now embarked on the study of the destruction of forest and its effect on the enviorment and especially on the survival of butterflies species which depend on the health of the forest.We wish him well with great encouragement.

April 2015:

On 8th April 2015 mark the passing of my mother at 3.00AM.Both her daughters has gone before her leaving me the only son behind.She was 92. Safe journey mom back to your Creator.

October 2014:

After a lapse of 20 years,I met Mr.Kazuo Unno again-a renowned Nature Photographer of great distinction. Mr.Unno has just published 2 pictorial insect books in 3 languages in English,Malay and chinese meant for the children of Malaysia to guide and reveal to them the great fascinating varietites of wonderful insects of this country.The children,hopefully will be the guardian & protectors of the fast diminishing forest of the world as they represent the future generation. We salute the hard work and contribution of Mr.Unno. These books can only be obtain at the Penang Butterfly Farm.

June 2014:

Ulu Piah forest where I started my collecting activity as a hobby in the 60s and in this location too where the species then known as Drupadia araotina,a female taken from Pulau Angsa and the unknown male was captured by me in this location and J.N.Eliot has has revised the genus to Horaga and renamed as Horaga araotina. No additional male has been recorded since.The sad news is Ulu Piah is now completely destroyed. 7000 acres of the forest has been cleared to make way for a palm oil plantation.Do we need CITES for all creatures including insects of the forest on a piece of paper and not extend CITES to their habitat and expect them to live and survive ? What a mockery.

June 2013:

A specimen of Cepora nerissa dopha which is found only in the northern state of Kedah and the Langkawi island in Peninsular Malaya has been taken in the state of Perak in the Peninsular for the very first time after 42 years of my collecting life.

April 2013:

Recently some Japanese collectors has discovered Dryas julia from Peru thriving on the island of Langkawi off the coast of Kedah in Peninsular Malaysia. Caterpillars on food plant has been photographed. Such unusual discovery lead to the question on how this species thousands of miles away from home in Peru have arrived on this island. As the food plant is a common roadside plant,it is envisioned that it will soon arrive on the mainland Peninsular and continue to spread all over the country and later to Sumatra etc.

February 2013

A brand new Insect Museum has been opened in Gohthongjaya-Genting Highland-Malaysia. The museum display hundreds of butterflies from all over the world which also include insect and beetles. Living specimens are also on display. Mr.Akira Sato-the Senior Insect Consultant managed and prepared the exhibits. Mr.WK Lee is the budding beetles breeder. The museum also incorporate a Living Bee Farm where the bees fly in and out of their enclosures at will to seek pollen in the surrounding area.This museum is perhaps the first and only one existing in the country. The main purposes is both scientific and educational and most people are now lost touch with nature especially the children-clue to their work and TV in the urban jungle. Its worth a visit in a cool and beautiful surrounding. Watch video clips of this museum on my and full lenght of the clip on Youtube-user:cantori10



January 2012

Another year have gone by. The newly discovered variation of Hypolymnias bolina may turn out to be an hybrid according to Mr.Fukuda. He is preparing a paper regarding this species.

September 2011

The climate change have affected the seasonal occurance of some species of butterflies in Peninsular Malaysia. Species which usually appear in March,April till early May without change annually and disappeared completely for the rest of the year,have unexpectedly appear in September this year. I have found 2 males of Graphium megarus in September which only appear from March till April and absent the rest of the year. For the same reason-Libythea myrrha hecura and Terinos clarissa malayana also unexpectedly appear in September.

August 2011

The eggs of the newly rediscovered phasmids-Phobaeticus incertus obtained on 1st April 2011 have still not hatched after 3 months in incubation. However,the eggs are still in good condition and might hatch hopefully.

July 2011

Mr.Fukuda who is investigating the new variation of Hypolymnas bolina is excited of its discovery. Further specimens have been sent to him to acertain its status.

May 2011

An unknown form of female Hypolymnas bolina has been collected from Tapah Hills-P.Malaysia on May 2011. Photos has been sent to Mr.Fukuda,an authority on Asian butterflies via Mr.Chiba. Mr.Fukuda at first suggested that it might be an aberration,but on pointing out that the underside are of normal H.bolina pattern unlike an aberration which usually have diffused coloration.Mr.Fukuda decided that it might be a cross between the continental species and the local H.bolina. More specimens from the same location has been collected as  per Mr.Fukuda's request for further investigation.


April 2011

I obtained a female of the what Paul Brock described as "Long lost" Phobaeticus incertus first discovered in Kuala Kangsar-Perak,Peninsular Malaysia in 1902 and again on 1928. A lapse of 109 years since the first specimen was known. It was thought to be extinct since none have surface all these years. Ova have been obtained  and  an attempt will be make to breed and raise this species under control condition. The female has been released on a guava tree-its alternate food plant out of the forest. Paul Brock will do a short write up of this species on PSG. Data: Tapah Hills-Aboriginal catcher-March 2011-elevation: 500 feet.

Grateful thanks to Mr.Frank Hennemann of Germany for confirmation of the species.

March 2011

I am overjoy that in my old age I am again able to update the pages again !!! My sincere thanks to my niece Ms.Siewli who redesigned this site to make it easier for me,a novice to continue to update the site making my spare time more useful and meaninful with a task and persuit I most enjoy in life

May 2006

Ulu Piah forest have been destroyed recently by logging and clearing the forest for no apprent reasons. It is such a waste as this place have been my playground for collecting for over 30 years, producing many new species of butterflies. By blaming us collectors who add new discovery to the entomological world for collecting and they did the worse within a few days.


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